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Kopanang Community

The Kopanang Community Trust is made up of a community of women with indomitable strength, nestled on the fringe of Johannesburg. Each Kopanang woman carries the burden of HIV/AIDs, whether inflicted with the virus, or caring for a loved one that lives with the disease. Forged from life’s challenges, they are fiercely compassionate and humble in their wisdom, with courage that cannot be denied. Kopanang provides a safe platform for these women to learn new skills. Through these skills they are empowered to create ranges of beautifully hand crafted beaded and embroidered products which make the perfect gift, African souvenir or handcrafted home decor artwork. Each design is interpreted by the women of Kopanang and will vary in style and colour, ensuring that every piece is one of a kind.

Learn more at http://kopanang.africa/ and follow the Kopanang Community on Facebook

Kopanang Community Donation Form

Each year, the Siena SRC (Student Representative Council) raises funds for the Kopanang Community through events such as A Night of Change, SRC week and at numerous bake sales/stalls throughout the year.

This year, despite coronavirus restrictions being in place and the inability to hold events onsite, the SRC wish to continue supporting the Kopanang Community - a community who have been so adversely affected by the global pandemic. Please consider donating to the Kopanang Community via the form below and know that every gift, no matter how large or small, will be truly appreciated. Funds will go towards feeding and clothing the women and children of Kopanang, and help support their initiatives such as mask making for the community.

Please note that donations are not tax deductible.