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Career News

In the latest edition of the Siena Career News, students and parents will find information on new and revamped courses, including the new Doctor of Physiotherapy and the refreshed common first year of Bachelor of Engineering. Students who keen to begin or continue studying languages at Monash will be able to take advantage of the Global Immersion Guarantee, an international experience and study tour.

Enrolment applications open next month for the Australian National University (ANU). Year 12s who are interested in applying must have excellent Year 11 grades, as well as demonstrated experience in community service, volunteer work or leadership. Upon successful application, you may receive an enrolment offer as early as August. If you are applying for a tertiary course, students are advised to complete an accommodation application at one of ANU's College prior to August, so as not to miss out on accommodation. The Tuckwell scholarship is also worth exploring if you are a Year 12 student wanting to study at ANU in 2023. More information and links are available below.

Each year, we have Year 12s who wish to attend interstate universities. If you are interested, a list of interstate admissions centre websites has been provided.

Medicine is an immensely popular course among Year 12s! If you are considering a career as a doctor or dentist, please read the UCAT information provided. Preparation is the key to success!

Lastly, you will also find information on becoming a firefighter, an economist and a paralegal, as well as a snapshot on Bond University and all it has to offer on the Gold Coast.

For more information, visit Siena Career News.

Clare Timmins

Head of Careers