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Year 10 Crash and Burn Excursion to iFly Indoor Skydiving

Science is an inherently practical subject. It is wonderful now that we are out of lockdown to have the chance to investigate and learn in the laboratories at Siena. Even more exciting is the prospect of getting out of the classroom and going on an excursion. Our Year 10 Crash and Burn students were thrilled with the opportunity to apply their learning about forces in person on a recent visit to iFly Indoor Skydiving.

Emma Ireland, one of the Crash and Burn students, tells us a little more:

"On our adventure to iFly, we learnt about how the force, shape and mass of objects can affect its velocity. We had a briefing session when we arrived, which included activities where we weighed (to get the force of the indoor fans correct) and measured a round object. In my group’s case, we used a football.

From our results, we used formulas on the Excel spreadsheet to calculate the velocity and force that the football had, as well as the percentage error. As a class, we concluded that depending on the material, form and density of the object, it affected how accurate our results were to the actual result.

After we had our own turn in the tunnel, the different round objects were also released into the tunnel and we saw how they moved with the force of the wind hitting them. We also observed water being released in the tunnel; the water separated into different particles and floated upwards which looked so cool. Since the excursion, we have applied the concepts learnt into our lessons about forces.

This excursion was an amazing experience to learn and apply our learning. Fun is an understatement, it was such a thrilling experience to feel like you were flying."

Emma Ireland
Year 10 Crash and Burn Student


Nicholas Harvey

Head of Science