Italian Pastry Chef, Pier Barel Visits Our Language… | Siena College
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Italian pastry chef, Pier Barel visited our Year 7 and 8 Italian class yesterday. Originally from Treviso (Veneto region in Northern Italy), Signor Barel spoke in Italian about growing up in Italy and his migration to Melbourne, Australia.

A passionate pastry chef who takes pride in sharing the tastes of Italy, Signor Barel prepared a bountiful grazing table of regional Italian Christmas cakes for Siena College students and staff: Panettone (Milano), Pandoro (Verona), Gubana (Fruili Venezia Guilia) and Strufoli (Naples, Southern Italy). While sampling the cakes, students also learned about their origins, preparation methods, as well as the customs and traditions associated with them.

A delectable experience of language encounter and cultural exploration of Italian regional festive food indeed!

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