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In this episode of SienaCast, we are joined by Music Leader, Charli and Year 12 Soloist, Alannah to talk about their success at the All-State Jazz Championships and experience performing at the All-State Jazz Gala Concert, alongside other winning schools and world-class professional musicians. They also spoke about how the Siena co-curricular music program has been beneficial towards their individual music journey and why everyone should try playing music.

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SienaCast is a collaboration between students and staff which aims to give voice to our College community on issues of significance and importance to us all. At the heart of SienaCast is our motto, Veritas (Truth).

Siena Annual Music Concert 2022 Taking Place TONIGHT

A wonderful culmination of our Symphonic and Jazz Bands, Choirs, Stringed and Chamber Ensembles. This is the first Annual Concert in three years, so don't miss out and we look forward to seeing you there!

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