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New Sienacast Episode Out Now!

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In this episode of SienaCast, we are joined by Respectful Relationships team members, Majella, Isla and Maya to reflect on their experience at the 2022 Respectful Relationships Student Forum held at Avila College, as well as the different Respectful Relationships initiatives that the College has introduced post COVID restrictions. At Siena, we are committed to providing a platform for the student body to discuss areas of concern, share student voice survey data and discuss how they can engage the wider community to raise awareness of Respectful Relationships.

2022 Respectful Relationships Student Forum held at Avila College

SienaCast is a collaboration between students and staff which aims to give voice to our College community on issues of significance and importance to us all. At the heart of SienaCast is our motto, Veritas (Truth).

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