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The Doctor Ursula McKenna (Class of 1948) Award recognises an alumna with excellence in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Please click here to nominate an alumna for this award. Further details regarding criteria are available on this link and nominations will close on Monday, 8 August at 9.00am.

For your reference, the following alumnae have received this award in previous years and therefore are ineligible to be nominated again.

  • 2015: Dr Lorien Parker (Class of 1999)
  • 2016: Dr Lisa Begg (Class of 1984)
  • 2017: Dr Clare Fedele (Class of 1999)
  • 2018: Ms Ursula Harris (Class of 1984)
  • 2019: Dr Julia Marchingo (Class of 2006)
  • 2020: Assoc Prof Debbie Phyland (Class of 1982)
  • 2021: Prof Louise Bennett (Class of 1979)

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