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Our School Captains were recently featured in the Herald Sun, sharing their vision for Siena students in 2021.

Chloe Barker, Harriette La Motte

My vision for 2021 is to ensure Siena girls are achieving their goals in order to be the best version of themselves. No matter how big or small the goal may seem, it is important for each girl to feel as though they are supported. Whether this support is through enabling a girl to feel comfortable to speak up for what they believe in or ensuring they have everything they need to take action and succeed. Siena has the ability to cater for everyone’s aspirations and goals and I would like to make sure each student feels that they are much more than who they see themselves as and are capable of anything.

Harriette La Motte

My vision for Siena College in 2021 is for my school to be a place where every girl feels as though their voice is heard. I wish for girls to continue to be able to express their opinions, ideas and suggestions freely. If my school community is able to continue to do this, girls will feel empowered. Furthermore, I know that Siena College places great importance on respectful relationships, freedom of opinion and student voice. This encourages all in our community to have their opinions heard, their values and beliefs respected, and therefore perspectives are enriched.

Chloe Barker

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