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Well done to all students who attended the GSV Athletics Finals evening! What an amazing achievement to qualify for this event as our athletes had to finish within the top percentile of their age groups. This was the biggest Athletics team Siena College had ever taken, which was also the tenth biggest team out of all twenty-four GSV schools.

Following from the qualifying rounds, the success of our athletes continued with our team winning ten medals overall at the Finals. Our Principal, Elizabeth Hanney had the opportunity to present most of these medals to our students. What a marvellous end to the GSV Athletics season!

A big thank you to our team of staff who assisted with the 2022 Athletics program. Well done again to all our students, we are already looking forward to the 2023 Athletics season ahead!


  • Emmaline C
    Gold: 800m Race
    Silver: 1500m Race
  • Holly N
    Gold: 100m and 200m Race
    Silver: Shot Put
  • Chloe C
    Silver: 800m Race
  • Emily M
    Bronze: 1500m Race
  • Teah W
    Bronze: Shot Put
  • Valerija L
    Gold: 200m Race
    Silver: 100m Race
  • Piper M
    Silver: High Jump

Highlights From the Qualifying Rounds

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