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New Sienacast Episode Out Now!

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In this episode of SienaCast, we are joined by Ironic Minimalist, Jenna Flood and our Environment Leader, Carly to talk about her work as a Slow Fashion advocate and stylist. Jenna encouraged the importance of considering the real cost of Fast Fashion (both to the planet and to the garment workers) while acknowledging the temptations faced by adolescents today.

SienaCast is a collaboration between students and staff which aims to give voice to our College community on issues of significance and importance to us all. At the heart of SienaCast is our motto, Veritas (Truth).

Clothes Swap

As part of their study on 'Ethical Issues in Society', the Year 11 Religion class was privileged to listen to Jenna's in-depth presentation on Fast Fashion. In order to put theory into practice, a Clothes Swap was organised to encourage a 'Swap, Don’t Shop' culture to our Siena community. Students brought in preloved clothing that were still in good condition to swap with their peers, a perfect example of how we can all live out the meaning of In Truth and Action.

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