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From the Principal

The return of students to Term 3 has brought an atmosphere of joy, laughter, and a settled rhythm of learning and life. I trust that the publication of Semester 1 Reports has given students and parents the opportunity to reflect on their progress and growth in the first half of 2023, allowing them to recalibrate and approach the remainder of 2023 with renewed focus and determination. Our 2023 College Theme, "Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." invites us once again to enter a reflective space, encouraging us to be attentive, recognise our gifts, and express awe and wonder for all that is good in our lives. It calls us to be ready to share these experiences.

As our community springs back into action, let us remember the many elements of connection that bind us together. We eagerly anticipate all the opportunities and experiences this term holds for our students, and we seek God's blessings for each member of our community, especially those who are joining us this term. Together, let us continue to foster an environment where growth, learning, and appreciation for the beauty around us flourish.

"May the God who forms our Community be with you. May you engage this God in mutual attention to the other, to what brings joy and delight and depth of understanding. May your communion with this God move you to growth in your inner spirit and to warmth and compassion for a world that awaits connection with its Creator. May the God of Community bless you all your days." Maxine Shonk OP

Elizabeth Hanney

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