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Premier’s Spirit of Democracy Tour

A reflection by Year 12 student, Sophia V, on her involvement in the Premier’s Spirit of Democracy Tour.

"Earlier this year, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in The Premier's Spirit of Democracy, a scholarship program and study tour focusing on Ancient Greek culture, democracy, and its relevance to Australia today. This fully government-funded seven-day tour brought together twenty-two students from across Victoria, offering us a unique and enriching experience.

We spent two days in Melbourne and three days in Canberra, where we had the privilege of engaging in a plethora of activities. Our time in Canberra involved guided tours of the Parliament House, where we had the opportunity to meet with various members and gain insights into the workings of Australia's political system.

A holistic view of Ancient Greece was at the core of the tour, delving into its arts and philosophy. We also explored the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria, immersing ourselves in artistic masterpieces. Philosophical debates and discussions allowed us to question and explore profound ideas. The entire experience was truly eye-opening and left us with a deeper understanding of the foundations of democracy.

Reflecting on all the activities and interactions during the study tour, I cannot emphasise enough how impactful and educational it was. I wholeheartedly encourage fellow students to pursue this remarkable opportunity!"

Click here to learn more about the Premier's Spirit of Democracy.

Jessica Sullivan

Head of Humanities
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