2023 Term 3: Learning Centre | Siena College
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From the Learning Centre

Continuing the momentum from last semester in our Discovery class, Year 7 students have been enthusiastically engaging in captivating projects where they design playable board games for our 'clients.' These clients are our teachers who submit subject-specific concepts that require reinforcement, and the students take on the challenge of creating fun and educational games for their peers.

The air was filled with excitement during the grand unveiling of the games to the clients, followed by enthusiastic test-play sessions. The students thoroughly enjoyed every step of the project, and the clients expressed immense satisfaction with the creativity and ingenuity displayed in the new games.

The resounding success of this project has inspired us to extend this engaging initiative to the remaining cohort of our Year 7s in Semester 2, ensuring an interactive and enjoyable learning experience for all. We take immense pride in our students' achievements and eagerly look forward to witnessing more innovative game designs in the coming sessions.

Roxanne Summer

Head of Learning Centre
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