2023 Term 4: Arts and Technology | Siena College
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Arts and Technology

Year 10 Product Design

The Year 10 Product Design and Innovation students have been working incredibly hard this semester. Students have researched various traditional designs from a range of cultures around the world. They then used the knowledge from their cultural research as inspiration to design and create jewellery from polymer clay. Through this task, students have built up skills and knowledge in the design process and gained hands-on experience with polymer clay. They have all done a fabulous job and should feel proud of their wonderful creations.

VCE Drama Solo Performance Exam

Congratulations to our Unit 4 Drama students for successfully completing their Drama Solo Performance Exam! Our talented VCE Drama students dedicated several months to devising, developing and creating original solo performances as part of their Unit 4 Drama studies. It was heartwarming to witness the smiles on their faces, and the incredible sense of pride and accomplishment they felt in completing their Drama Performance Exam.

Kathryn Anderson

Arts and Technology Teacher

Georgie Plasto

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