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From the Principal

This final newsletter for 2023 coincides with the graduation of the outstanding Class of 2023 – great women of Siena! From our College Captains, Majella Hine and Hannah Rosel, along with fellow leaders and together with every student, they have been a pleasure to know and educate. The gift of a Siena education is exemplified in the character, capacity and compassion of our graduates: may our Dominican values of Contemplation, Study, Justice and Community be values for life.

As we join with them in celebrations next week and urge them on in the coming weeks of their examination period, we invite all members of the Siena community to join us in prayer for each of them. With gratitude for the staff who have guided and supported them, with appreciation for the parents who have partnered with us and with admiration for these fine young women we now ask for God’s abundant blessing on them.

A Blessing for Graduates

May God who began this good work in you
carry it through to completion,
enabling you to use your talents to the fullest.

May God give you the grace to make wise choices
and to be faithful to your commitments,
always confident in the support of those who love you.

May God bless you with discomfort at easy answers,
half-truths, and superficial relationships,
so that you will live deep within your heart.

May God bless you with anger at injustice,
oppression, and exploitation of people,
so that you will work for justice, equality, and peace.

May God bless you with tears to shed for those who
suffer from pain, rejection, starvation, and war,
so that you will reach out your hand
to comfort them and change their pain into joy.

May God bless you with the foolishness to think
that you can make a difference in the world,
so that you will do the things
which others tell you cannot be done.

May your integrity be a gift to the world
and may the Spirit of God be with you always.

Go well, fine women of Siena.

Over the remaining weeks of Term 4, further communication will be issued to families regarding end of year news and preparations for 2024. I thank all families who have engaged with our newsletters across the year and I thank those who have contributed articles and prepared its publication.

To our broader community, we thank you for your support of Siena College in 2023 and we extend warm wishes for peace and joy over the Christmas period.

Elizabeth Hanney

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