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Learning and Teaching

We are heading into the final quarter, and the finish line is in sight! It is time to rally the troops in preparation for final assessments. Examinations for our Year 9 to 11 students take place at the end of this term and our Year 12s start their VCAA Exams on Tuesday, 24 October. The final event for the year is the Night of Excellence when we acknowledge the Siena College academic achievements for 2023. We will once again be holding it at the beautiful Camberwell Grammar on Thursday, 7 December.

Key Dates for Year 9 to 11 Students

Revision sheets available on Siena Central

  • Year 11: Wednesday, 18 October
  • Year 10: Monday, 30 October
  • Year 9: Wednesday, 8 November

Assessment Completion

  • Year 11: Friday, 27 October
  • Year 10: Friday, 10 November
  • Year 9: Thursday, 16 November

Examination Period:

  • Year 11: Thursday, 9 November to Friday, 17 November
  • Year 10: Monday, 20 November to Friday, 24 November
  • Year 9: Friday, 24 November to Thursday, 30 November

Please note that the Year 11 (Unit 1/2) Examinations resemble the VCAA Examinations in content and duration. To support our students in their preparation, Wednesday, 8 November will be a SWOT VAC Day. There will be no Year 11 classes and students are encouraged to study at home. For any Year 10 student undertaking a Unit 1/2 subject, they may attend the Learning Centre if they have a Year 11 class on this day.

Year 12s

Year 12 Trial Examinations ran smoothly and the results are now available via Siena Central. Thank you to our students for committing to this exercise and adhering to the guidelines. These exams provide a valuable learning opportunity and students are encouraged to thoroughly review them, identifying areas in which they can improve and feel free to ask questions as needed. We extend our gratitude to the Year 12 teachers who have been steadfastly marking the trial exams and the many practice papers submitted by our students.

Parents and guardians of Unit 3/4 students are requested to take note of the information regarding the final arrangements for the VCAA Examinations that was posted on Siena Central News earlier this week.

Students have shown great enthusiasm in response to the Trial Exam 'Boxes,' with many trial exams and essays submitted for feedback. We strongly encourage students to maintain this level of dedication during SWOT VAC Day. Teachers will remain available during their regular class schedules in the designated rooms. Students should adhere to College uniform policy when onsite.

The support and encouragement from family and friends are incredibly valuable at this crucial time to help students maintain their motivation and momentum. We will be keeping you all in our thoughts and wishing you the very best!

The last day of classes for Year 12 students is Friday, 13 October.

On Monday, 16 October, students will participate in a series of celebratory activities culminating in their Graduation Mass in the evening.

2024 Subjects and Booklists

Please take note of the following dates:

  • Friday, 27 October: 2024 Subjects confirmation email sent out
  • Friday, 27 October: 2024 Year 11 and Year 12, Early VCE English Booklist available via Siena Central Tile
  • Thursday, 2 November: 2024 Year 11 and Year 12, Early VCE English Booklist due via Campion
  • Monday, 13 November: Early VCE English Orders available for pick up from Learning Centre
  • Friday, 24 November: Year 8, 9, 10 and VCE Booklist due via Campion

VCE Headstart Program

The VCE Headstart Program offers students the opportunity to begin building the foundation for their 2024 subjects.

  • 2024 Year 12: Monday, 20 November to Friday, 24 November
  • 2024 Year 11: Monday, 27 November to Friday, 1 December

Accelerated Subject Applications

Students who had their accelerated study applications deferred and wish to be reconsidered are asked to please email bgower@siena.vic.edu.au to request a review with Ms Laughlin. These reviews will be scheduled after the completion of their exams. Deferred students will receive a reminder email to inform Ms Laughlin of their intention to reapply.

Non-Teaching Days

  • Tuesday, 17 October: Staff Learning and Teaching Day / 2024 Curriculum Planning Day
  • Monday, 6 November: Melbourne Cup Long Weekend

We wish everyone a productive and fulfilling few months as we approach a well deserved and restful Christmas break.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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