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Year 8 French Students Visit NGV's Bonnard Exhibition

Our three Year 8 French classes had an enriching school excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in August, thanks to the collaboration between NGV's Education Department and the Alliance Française de Melbourne. This experience perfectly aligned with their curriculum objectives, offering valuable insights into Bonnard's cultural influence.

Guided by their love for the French language and culture, our students explored the Pierre Bonnard and India Mahdavi exhibition. This experience was a perfect match for their curriculum objectives, providing them with insights into Bonnard's cultural impact. During the Bonjour France session, students engaged with French language content while interpreting art and design from various eras and contexts, enriching their linguistic and cultural understanding. We commend our students for their active participation and enthusiasm. This excursion left a lasting mark on their educational and cultural growth, thanks to the NGV's captivating exhibition and the Alliance Française de Melbourne's expertise.

We extend our gratitude to the NGV's Education Department and the Alliance Française de Melbourne for this exceptional learning experience, reflecting our commitment to immersive education. Bravo to all involved in making this excursion a success!

Student Reflections

"While exploring the artworks of Pierre Bonnard and other artists, I gained a newfound appreciation for their paintings, especially when witnessing the intricate details up close. Overall, I found the experience truly enjoyable and would eagerly revisit it.” Lucie K

"The excursion helped me gain a deeper understanding of Pierre Bonnard's work and the inspiration behind India Mahdavi's designs. Seeing a collection of Bonnard's works together allowed me to comprehend his artistic process more fully. Viewing some of the paintings in person enhanced my appreciation for them, making Bonnard and his work more tangible. Learning about his life and artistic journey had a profound impact on my enjoyment of his creations. After the excursion, I feel that I have developed a much greater appreciation and admiration for his work." Sofia L

"Visiting Pierre Bonnard's exhibition was a fantastic experience that allowed me to engage with his artwork in a meaningful way. I approached the experience with an open mind but I initially expected more structured activities. However, I truly relished the opportunity to freely explore the exhibition, immerse myself in his pieces and establish a deep connection with his work. This was the standout moment of the trip for me." Carys B

"We recently visited the NGV as part of a French excursion to explore the collaborative works of Pierre Bonnard and India Mahdavi. The primary goal of this excursion was to provide us with a profound immersion in French culture and enhance our understanding of French art. Overall, I found the art gallery to be truly remarkable. The artwork was stunning and vibrant, the wallpapers were vivid and harmonised perfectly with the artworks, and the furniture complemented the various spaces admirably." Maddison B

Marianne De Luise

Learning Diversity Coach / Teacher
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