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Student Formation

In Term 4, our College will bid farewell to and express our gratitude to our current student leaders, while also welcoming the 2024 Student Leaders. It has been a privilege to work with students across year levels this year as they have contributed to the planning and management of various initiatives.

The 2023 Student Representative Council (SRC) has been meeting on a weekly basis and has responded to requests for student input on various issues. They have also organised and run activities such as SRC Week, St Catherine's Day Bake Sale and supported House based events and major Sport Carnivals. For the students who will not be returning in 2024, I hope that this year has provided you with opportunities to develop your leadership skills, take meaningful actions and enjoy the sense of community fostered at the College. Working with organisations to serve those who benefit from our support has been a significant part of this experience. Thank you to our Year 12 student leaders for their dedication, enthusiasm and generosity this year. While the wall in J level that currently showcases your photos will be taken down, rest assured that your names and the impactful contributions you have made will always be remembered.

The students who will assume positions in 2024 will start their roles on Student Leadership Day (Thursday, 19 October). This will provide opportunities for teams to begin planning for activities such as the 2024 Fiesta and the March International Women's Day, to name a few. Students will set goals, review their role descriptions and determine which specific aspects will guide their approach. They will decide what they want to achieve as individuals and as 2024 Student Leaders over the next twelve months. I would like to extend my gratitude to the students who applied for leadership positions and participated in the rigorous selection process during Term 3 and early Term 4.

Congratulations to our 2024 Student Leaders whose names and positions are listed below.

2024 Student Representative Council

College Captains

  • Amy D
  • Melania F

Cassia House Captains

  • Taylah A
  • Emma I

Dianella House Captains

  • Grace M
  • Teah W

Kurrajong House Captains

  • Shreya K
  • Sienna M

Waratah House Captains

  • Harper H
  • Audrey T

Sports Captains

  • Maya G
  • Sienna R

Veritas Leaders (Social Justice)

  • Gabriella C (Social Justice)
  • Olivia N (Social Justice)
  • Asta R (Environment)
Arts Leaders
  • Molly B (Music)
  • Isis C (Drama)
  • Eden F (Visual Arts and Design)

Communications Leaders

  • Charlie B (Community Engagement)
  • Charlotte L (Debating and Public Speaking)

Year 11 House Captains


  • Katrina G
  • Grace M


  • Evie G
  • Annabelle G


  • Alessia F
  • Alexa T


  • Cilla B
  • Tia M

Year 10 House Captains


  • Olivia G
    Nickie G


  • Victoria C
  • Eloise L


  • Molly F
  • Katie K


  • Eva H
  • Daisy A

Year 9 House Captains


  • Frankie R
  • Nya T


  • Zara O
  • Gabriella V


  • Amelia D
  • Emily S


  • Maddison B
  • Allegra T

Year 8 Student Voice Leaders

  • Cassia: Annabelle R
  • Dianella: Polly P
  • Kurrajong: Claire R
  • Waratah: Chloe H

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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