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Faith and Mission

With Courage, Wisdom and Joy

Our Siena community has commenced the year reflecting on our 2024 College Theme: With Courage, Wisdom and Joy. These words have been used historically to describe our Patron Saint, St Catherine of Siena, but too can serve as aspirations for how we engage with others and the world around us.

For students and staff new to Siena, and even for those returning, there have no doubt been many moments where big, deep, courageous breaths have been taken as they encounter a new school year. It requires courage to ask questions, to engage in conversation with unfamiliar faces, to embrace new opportunities and to foster independence. However, courage is often rewarded with confidence and connection, enriching one's sense of engagement and enjoyment in the world.

Sources of wisdom abound at Siena. Words of wisdom gently spoken by parents to their children as they depart for school each morning, words of encouragement and wisdom from friends, teachers, IT staff and Heads of House. Wisdom is found within classroom discussions and on the shelves of the Learning Centre. We are privileged to learn and grow on land with a rich history spanning millions of years. Wisdom is imparted through the stories, traditions and customs of our First People. Collective wisdom guides us to navigate the world with perspective, empathy and quiet confidence.

Lastly, to joy. The sounds of Siena at the start of the day, during recess, lunchtime, Fiesta rehearsals, GSV training, and at day's end are filled with exuberance and cheer. Our community gathers with excitement, celebrating, sharing, learning and growing together. We are a joyful community, inspired by the joyful charism of our Dominican heritage.

As we journey through the year ahead, may the spirit of St Catherine – embodied in courage, wisdom and joy – enrich the hearts and homes of each member of our community.


Each day our community pauses for a period of Contemplation. This takes place at the end of House Group and provides all students and staff alike with the opportunity to pause, to pray, to contemplate. As Dominicans, Prayer and Contemplation is central to our being – it grounds us, and connects us with our God, our community and the wider world. Time for contemplation provides a pause for us in a day that is often busy, noisy and demanding. During these privileged three minutes each day, our community learns to stop and appreciate stillness, silence and spiritual connection.


Service to others is an opportunity for our students to engage with the broader community and share their personalities, gifts and talents. At Siena, we aim to foster a spirit of Service through the framework of Catholic Social Teaching and the See, Judge (reflect) and Act model. Our students are encouraged to participate in various school based initiatives that allow them to serve others, such as the Friday Night School tutoring which is available to all students in Years 10 to 12.

For more information about Service and the available opportunities, students can visit Siena Central > Student Zone > Siena Service. Students are reminded that dedicating time to voluntary service, both within and outside of the College can accumulate and contribute to the awarding of Colours for their volunteer hours.

Bronwyn Ilott

Director of Faith and Mission
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