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From the Principal

What a wonderful start to the 2024 school year. We warmly welcome all new students, staff and families who are joining the Siena community this year. Congratulations to the one hundred and forty Year 7s and new students across other year levels who have recently joined our community! It is truly heartening to witness each of them adapting swiftly to new routines and forging new friendships. Equally inspiring is the sight of returning students, eagerly embracing the opportunities of a new school year and revelling in the joy of reconnecting with friends and learning.

We recognise that a new year brings with it boundless opportunity and vitality. Our commitment to our purpose and passion remains unwavering: to foster a holistic environment of excellence where students can flourish in their learning and personal growth, guided by our cherished Dominican values of Contemplation, Study, Justice and Community. Our 2024 College Theme, With Courage, Wisdom and Joy, serves as a gentle reminder for each of us to embrace these virtues daily – finding courage in our encounters, wisdom in our endeavours, and joy in our journey.

In this first newsletter of the year, important information is provided to all families to support a continued successful start to the year. We sincerely appreciate the ongoing support of parents and our student body in ensuring the correct and dignified wearing of the uniform. We extend our gratitude to parents who have taken the initiative to rectify any uniform issues. Together with our staff, we acknowledge this as one component of starting the year on a strong note. We also extend our thanks to all families for their support in fostering good organisation, healthy routines and a positive mindset – all of which are essential conditions for optimal learning and teaching experiences.

Staffing News

We extend a warm welcome to several new staff members who have joined us in teaching, leadership and administrative roles. They have integrated seamlessly into the rhythm and routine of our community, and are already demonstrating their invaluable contributions. This year, Minna Jewell returns after a period of parental leave in the position of Deputy Principal Wellbeing. In other staff news:

  • Antonella Rosati assumes the role of Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching for Semester 1, as Donna Laughlin takes a period of long service leave
  • Jemimah Walsh has been appointed to the role of Head of Senior Pathways for Semester 1, as Michael Petrie takes a period of long service leave
  • Bronwyn Ilott has been appointed to the role of Director of Faith and Mission

We welcome the following new staff:

  • Head of English, Kacey Pelle
  • Head of Health and Physical Education, Anita Coffa
  • VCE Psychology Teacher, Dessa Vaharakis
  • English and Religious Education Teacher, Georgia Braziotis
  • Humanities and Religious Education Teacher, Alana Hall
  • English Teacher, Dimity Smith
  • Italian Teacher, Beatrice Triches
  • Teacher, Jorja Hope
  • Learning Diversity Officer, Hayley Artz
  • Guitar Teacher, Aaron Syrjanen
  • Cello Teacher, Oliver Russell
  • Trumpet Teacher, Alex Howroyd
  • HR Manager, Joanna Wong
  • Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator, Emily Nugent
  • Library Technician, Rachel Nixon
  • Student Receptionist, Vicky Lambropoulos
  • AFL Sports Trainee, Lily McNidder (Class of 2023)

We were also delighted to learn of the safe and joyous arrival over the summer break of:

  • Jack Thomas Free born to Jess Brady and husband, Josh
  • Billy Martin Allen born to Dan Allen and wife, Steph
  • Francis (Frankie) Antonio Murphy born to Erin Murphy and husband, Chris

We extend our warmest wishes to these staff members for much happiness during this particularly special time in their lives.

Elizabeth Hanney

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