2024 Term 2: From the Principal | Siena College
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From the Principal

Term 2 has swiftly settled into a rhythm of activity and endeavour for all students and staff. This term, we welcome a number of new students, families and staff, and extend our support and friendship to them as they acquaint themselves with our community. We resume our activities against the backdrop of turmoil and heartbreak witnessed in the tragic events in Bondi, and more recent episodes of community violence. We are mindful also of the daily calamities faced by those in war torn communities around the world. Additionally, we return as people of faith during this Easter season, hearing messages of hope, reassurance and peace. Perhaps these assurances could be our message to our young people at this time.

In this context I share with you two recent reflections which give us pause to reflect:

"When we carry the message of Jesus - when we live the life of Jesus here and now, when we, too, confront the world around us with the blessedness of those poor, those outcast, those foreigners, those women, those voiceless for whom Jesus gave his life - we carry within us the promise of new life. We live the ongoing message of the Resurrection itself: What comes in the name of Jesus will not die. The darkness will not overcome Christ’s message as long as we ourselves never blow out the light of truth in our own hearts. Alleluia." Joan Chittister OSB

"We light candles this Easter period.
Candles of joy, for celebrations of life
Candles of hope, where despair keeps watch.
Candles of courage, where fear is ever present.
Candles of peace, for tempest-tossed nations at war.
Candles of grace, to ease heavy burdens.
Candles of love, to inspire our living."
Abridged from Howard Thurman

Elizabeth Hanney

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