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Year 8 Geography Fieldwork

In March, Year 8 Geography students participated in a day of fieldwork. Students had been studying physical geography with a particular focus on coastal environments. Our field trip was designed to study, compare and contrast two coastal environments – the ocean beach at Sorrento and Rye front beach. These sites provided opportunities to examine coastal geographic processes such as erosion and deposition, and the typical landform features that can result from these. The students were also assessing the impact and value of various management strategies implemented by humans. For example, local council developments and infrastructure in terms of facilities for tourism and management of the coastlines at both sites.

Our Year 8 Geographers gathered and collated data by taking notes, constructing annotated field sketches and recording photographic evidence. The data they collected will form the basis of a formal Geography fieldwork report which will be submitted for assessment. The day was very successful; even the weather was very good! Many thanks to Ms Newman and Ms Hall, who also accompanied the students on the day.

Reflection by Year 8, Sienna C

"Attending the Geography fieldwork excursion helped me understand what erosion looks like in a coastal landscape, such as headlands, stumps and stacks. I learned the differences between backwash and longshore drift. The highlight was seeing what a coastal landscape that has erosion looks like and I was amazed at how big headlands are."

Alan Anderson

Humanities and Science Teacher
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