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Exciting Term 2 Start for VCE Drama Students

Term 2 has kicked off with excitement for our VCE Drama students in Year 11 and 12. Earlier this week, they attended the VCE Drama Top Class Drama performances at the Melbourne Recital Centre. There, they experienced a variety of Year 12 Drama solo performance examination examples, providing valuable insights for their own solo performance work in Term 4.

"I learned so much from the Top Class performances that I will certainly implement into my own solo work later in the year. When one of the students shared her reflection on the process, I was greatly inspired. I learned many tips and tricks, including the fact that I need to be confident in showing my unfinished work to the teacher and peers because feedback is a powerful tool in the creative process." Lily

"Through Top Class, I have learned how to use the expressive skill of energy and the actor-audience relationship to engage the audience and make comedic jokes." Ava

"Top Class Drama was a very influential and inspiring performance. I loved hearing from the chief examiner and getting to learn about everything she values in a solo performance." Arkie

The following day, we attended The Trojan War, presented by the Slightly Isolated Dog at Chapel on Chapel. This modern adaptation of the story interspersed with the appearance of a variety of Greek Gods received a positive response from students. They enjoyed the highly energetic and contemporary performance, effectively exploring the styles of physical theatre, musical theatre, mime and comedy.

"It was a funny and insightful play. I really enjoyed the actor-audience relationship and interaction, the songs, props and the element of improvisation. This performance was very immersive and overall, a great experience." Caitlin

"The Trojan War was incredibly entertaining and hilariously funny. I liked the idea that they all collectively switched up the props and made everyone feel welcome to participate in the play." Sharlise

All are welcome to view the efforts of our VCE Drama students at our upcoming VCE Ensemble Performance Evening to be held in the Susan Alberti Auditorium from 6.00pm to 7.30pm on Thursday, 2 May.

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