2024 Term 2: Student Formation | Siena College
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Waratah's Successful Fundraising Efforts for Caritas

Reflection by Year 9 Waratah House Captain, Maddison B

"During Term 1, Waratah fundraised for Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion campaign during Lent. In the first few weeks of Term 1, Gwen Michener from Caritas Australia spoke to the Waratah cohort during assembly to educate us about the problems the vulnerable face in Australia and overseas. She provided valid insight into the work of Caritas, sharing stories of many people like Memory from Malawi, who once faced many barriers in her life and is now the first female carpenter in her village with the help of Caritas. Gwen explained to us that despite being born into a poorer family, Memory is now taking her future into her own hands despite the barriers she has faced and now overcome.

Waratah House Captains, following Gwen’s visit to Siena, attended the official launch of Project Compassion at the Academy of Mary Immaculate in Fitzroy. Under the direction of three Caritas employees, the House Captains participated in a moving liturgy and listened to how the organisation allocates funding to projects to make a difference in struggling communities.

Driven by the House Captains and a core group of students, Waratah ran awareness initiatives and campaigns through Weeks 3 to 6 with activities including a Bake Sale, Icy Pole Sale, Hot Cross Bun Sale and Gold Coin donations. Gwen then visited Siena one last time during Week 8 to explain to us the importance of our fundraisers and the positive impacts they can have on the people in our world who are not offered the same opportunities as us. In total, $1,941.31 will be donated to Caritas to support their work in making our world a better place ‘For all Future Generations’."

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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