2024 Term 2: Student Wellbeing | Siena College
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Fostering Student Success with the Berry Street Education Model

This year marks the introduction of our new Wellness program, which runs fortnightly on Tuesdays during Week A, Period 5. The focus of Wellness this year is on the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) aimed at supporting students' self regulation, relationships and overall wellbeing, which enhances student engagement and academic achievement. Our goal is to assist and inspire all our students to thrive using the BSEM, and to cultivate a school environment characterised by support and encouragement for our students. Strong relationships are crucial and it is essential for every student to experience daily success.

The domains within the BSEM are Body, Relationships, Stamina, Engagement and Character. Each domain represents foundational principles and evidence based practices that inform daily classroom instruction. Every term, we will concentrate on a new domain of the BSEM. In Term 2, our focus is on Stamina. Stamina entails sustained effort, perseverance and resilience. It is an opportunity to instil the belief that 'We never give up'. As students develop self regulatory skills for learning, a focus on stamina recognises the need for scaffolded opportunities to gradually build their capacities.

Stamina for learning encompasses four specific areas: Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Stamina for Independent Learning. By providing opportunities to learn, practice and reinforce stamina in various ways, we are confident that students can thrive once they develop the confidence to confront life's challenges - both big and small - with strategies that have the potential to endure a lifetime. We eagerly anticipate implementing this program throughout the term.

Natalie Kinsella

Director of Students
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