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Child Safety Update and Managing Examination Stress

It was delightful to welcome students back to Siena after the Easter break. As a reminder, the Heads of House, the Director of Students and I are here as essential points of contact for parents and guardians who wish to discuss matters related to their daughter's wellbeing. We encourage parents and guardians to keep the lines of communication open with us, especially if there are any changes on the home front.

Throughout Term 1, the Child Safeguarding Committee diligently addressed critical issues affecting our student body. The committee focused on drafting and revising our concussion protocols in alignment with recommendations from school governance bodies. For the latest information regarding head injuries including guidelines for returning to school, please refer to the Royal Children's Hospital website. Any plans for returning to school after a head injury should be discussed with a medical professional and communicated to the school through the Nurse or Head of House.

Child Safety Update

The Siena College Child Safety Committee has commenced for 2024, continuing the important work in maintaining Child Safety across the College. I would like to introduce to you our student representatives:

“Hello Siena community, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Siena College Child Safeguarding Committee. I am an approachable and bubbly person who is always up for a chat; I am looking forward to engaging in conversations with my peers about various issues and working together to find resolutions.”
Year 9, Emma M
“I love spending time with my friends and family, listening to music, and taking part in extracurricular activities like netball and public speaking. This year, I am very excited to be part of the Child Safeguarding Committee in making sure that every student feels safe, welcome and supported at all times at Siena. I am always up for a chat and I am absolutely open to hearing any feedback from students on how we could improve Child Safety in our school at any time.”
Year 10, Ciara W
"Being a very social and outgoing person, I like to put myself out there. I am part of many different communities, including my basketball team and a public speaking group. I want students to feel that they can happily come to school with a positive mindset and that they always feel safe. I am always here to talk to for suggestions or even if you just want to stop by for a friendly chat!"
Year 9, Kristen K

Managing Semester 1 Examination Stress

Navigating the pressures of school examinations can be daunting for teenagers, but adopting effective stress management techniques can make a significant difference. Encouraging teens to prioritise self care is essential; ensuring they get enough sleep, maintain a balanced diet and engage in regular physical activity are all ways parents can help their children alleviate their stress levels.

Encouraging open communication about their feelings and concerns surrounding exams also provides an outlet for stress. While these conversations can and do happen at school, I encourage parents of students embarking on examinations this semester to speak with their children about how they are feeling about these summative assessments.

Promoting relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, mindfulness or hobbies they enjoy can offer moments of reprieve during intense study periods, ultimately fostering a healthier approach to academic challenges. I would like to share with you a suite of resources written by Headspace, which teach parents and adolescents how to take a ‘step back’ from stress so they can be ready to respond to specific thoughts and situations. The resources can be found here.

Minna Jewell

Deputy Principal Wellbeing
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