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From the Principal

Prayer for this time

Holy Spirit working among us
Fill us with gratitude for the gift of education
And with appreciation for those in the teaching ministry
Who empower our community of learners.

Calm us in this time of pandemic
To be supportive of young people, teachers and leaders
Negotiating the realities of this time.

Strengthen the commitment of governments, churches and institutions
To the goal of universal education in our world
Encourage us to take advantage of opportunities
For learning throughout our lives.

Bless us with critical minds, grateful hearts and willing hands
To live with courage and hope.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.


As the College community prepares to enter our two week term break, I extend sincere appreciation to all families and all staff. Your fine encouragement and support of our students over the course of this challenging term has enabled continuity of our program and care for all. Updates regarding the hopeful return to campus in Term 4 will be provided as they become available. In the meantime, arrangements for online trial exams for all Unit 3 and 4 students in Week 2 of the break have been communicated; we wish these students well. This period of course completion and revision is critical in setting students up for solid preparation for exams.

For those who may be interested, please find here an article about navigating the pandemic life by adopting a pilgrimage mindset.

Wishing everyone a restful break.

Jamie Guan, Year 11

Elizabeth Hanney

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