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Year 10 Camp at Anglesea Valley Lodge

Horizon’s Week provided many opportunities for Siena students to explore a wide range of activities. After two years of pandemic lockdown, the Year 10 students were delighted to go on a camping trip at Anglesea Valley Lodge. The camp experience provided students with the opportunity to experience an Outdoor Education model (one night of camping and one night of cabin accommodation).

Students had to set up their own tents, cook their own food and hike to and from camp grounds. It was a very enriching experience and many students showed great resilience, leadership and perseverance when faced with these challenges. Other notable activities that students enjoyed were canoeing and surfing. Our Year 10s were challenged in many ways and responded with much enthusiasm and enjoyment, which was great to see.

We commend our Year 10 students for their fantastic approach to the camp experience. Our thanks to the AusCamp staff and camp leaders who worked so well with our students, and the amazing Siena staff members who attended.

“Year 10 Camp was an exciting opportunity for our whole cohort. We were offered many fun activities such as surfing, canoeing and staying the night in a tent, all of which allowed us to push ourselves in ways we had never done before. It was an exciting opportunity that allowed us to forge closer connections with our peers, which was something that cannot be replicated in a classroom setting. Overall, it was a really positive experience and I am grateful for it!”

Abbey B

"Year 10 Camp was a fantastic opportunity for us to step outside of our comfort zones. Camping gave many of us a challenge as we got to try and experience new things. One of my favourite activities was surfing at Lorne Beach and cooking our own delicious vegetarian dinner. Camping was a great experience for us to spend time with our year level after the last few years of lockdown."

Chloe T

Laine Rice

Head of House, Kurrajong
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