Term 1 Issue 01: 2023 SPA Annual Raffle | Siena College
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Imagehow can we help?

Win a Flight Centre voucher (RRP: $14,990)!

Enter the draw to win a Flight Centre voucher (RRP: $14,990.00) or a year's worth of tuition fees for Siena College! Only seven days left until the SPA Annual Raffle is drawn on Friday, 17 February 2023.

A reminder that everyone is welcome to purchase a Raffle ticket and don't forget that this year's SPA Raffle is digital: click here to learn more and purchase tickets.

All proceeds raised will go towards supporting the academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting and social interests of Siena College students.

Since 1971, the Siena Parents’ Association (SPA) has been supporting students at Siena by bringing the parent and school community together with events and fundraising activities. Through the support of Siena parents, SPA has raised in total of $229,335.

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