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Year 9 Chinese Dragon Parade

The Year 9 Chinese class performed an eye catching Chinese dragon parade on Thursday, 2 February to celebrate the start of the new school year as well as the Lunar New Year. The Chinese dragon is a mythical creature made up of body parts from nine different animals: horns of a deer, head of a camel, eyes of a rabbit, scales of a fish, body of a snake, feet of a tiger, ears of a cow and claws of an eagle.

As you may already know, China is an agricultural country and farmers rely very much on good weather to ensure a bountiful harvest every year. Legend has it that the Chinese dragon possesses supernatural powers to control the weather. In ancient times, it was also symbol of supreme power used by Chinese emperors. Still today, the Chinese dragon is worshipped by many in China as it symbolises good fortune.

Wen-Liang Tao

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