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Year 7 Religious Education Reflection

In Religious Education, Year 7 students have commenced their learning by getting to know their classmates and discussing what it means to belong to our Siena community.

As the term progresses, our Year 7s will explore the rich history of Siena College, gaining an insight into the Dominican Tradition and how this Tradition underpins the ethos of the College. Students will also explore the important figures of Siena’s history, including St Catherine and St Dominic, and how our Catholic faith and identity are enriched by the stories of our saints.

In the Religious Education classrooms this week, teachers have posed a series of questions to the Year 7 students, including: "What is Belonging? What does it mean to belong in a group? What does Belonging look like at Siena?"

Below are some of their reflections.

What is Belonging?

  • Feeling safe, comfortable, included, special
  • A place where you can express and have fun without having to hide your true self
  • Belonging is being cared about

What does it mean to belong in a group?

  • Being able to express yourself without feeling judgement
  • We are different but we are treated all the same
  • Feeling accepted for who I am

How have you encountered belonging so far at Siena?

  • Making new friends
  • Engaging with my peers
  • Trying new things
  • Making sure everyone is included and has a place to sit
  • Belonging to classes, house groups
  • Being involved in our Fiesta rehearsals

Laura Ridley

Head of Religious Education
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