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Student Formation

Student Leadership Day

The collaboration of our 2023 student leaders commenced on Friday, 9 December 2022 with our Student Leadership Day taking place at St Kilda Football Club in Moorabbin. Sessions run by St Kilda AFLW players Hannah Priest and Grace Kelly provided the students the opportunity to hear about their distinct leadership journey. The students were required to consider how Siena’s values align with the leadership program and their leadership style. Working in teams through a team building challenge around the grounds of the football club saw the students collaborating and drawing on individual strengths as they shared ideas and deduced answers, all in a time pressure activity.

Some of our student leaders have provided their reflections on the day.

"Held at the St Kilda Football Club, the 2022 Student Leadership Day was such a rewarding and enriching experience in developing personal leadership qualities, and being fulfilled by the inspiring stories of two AFLW players; Grace Kelly and Hannah Priest. The idea of leadership being a unique journey for all particularly resonated with me, as it opened my eyes to the ways in which leadership can be seen within daily life. Remaining both interactive and informative, the session was extremely successful in strengthening the bonds of us leaders and allowing us an opportunity to look at the many ways leadership can take us in the future." Year 12 House Captain, Anita B

"At the end of last year, the 2023 SRC team were given a fantastic opportunity to head to St Kilda Footy Club for our annual Leadership Day. We were extremely privileged to have a morning session with two women from the St Kilda AFLW team who shared their inspiring stories with us and allowed us to determine our individual abilities as leaders. A key take-away for me was reflecting on the people and events in our lives that have allowed us to develop our personal skills and strengths, and recognising their contributions to our achievements." Year 11 House Captain, Shreya K

"We learnt about different leadership styles, and which ones resonated with us, giving us a deeper insight into ourselves as leaders. We also had the privilege of hearing from Hannah Priest and Grace Kelly, who are AFLW players for St Kilda, about their personal leadership journeys. Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable and educational day, that has prepared us for a great year serving as leaders for the Siena community in 2023!" Year 10 House Captain, Megan FH

"I found the Leadership Day a real eye opener in terms of the journey a leader can take and the many effects that help shape the person they will turn into. Throughout a person’s life there are many variables that can change their path and it’s a leader that knows how to make the best out of it." Year 9 House Captain, Molly F


2023 will see Fiesta taking place at the end of Week 3 on Friday, 17 February . Whilst this is a new timeline for this much celebrated school activity, the student leaders commenced planning in the four Houses at the end of last year. As the year is underway, students have already commenced rehearsals and are working on their performances. Fiesta showcases areas of drama, music, dance and underpinning all this is team work, planning, energy, creative thinking and enjoyment.

I have no doubt that the 2023 College Theme, 'Pay attention. Be astonished, Tell about it.' will be demonstrated through the Fiesta performances. With the stories that are woven together, the visibility of student voice, the vision of each House and the coordination of student involvement very much embraces our theme.

Thank you to our Year 12 student leaders who welcomed the Year 7s on Wednesday, 1 February as they embarked on their secondary school journey. It was wonderful to hear, feel and see the excitement and energy, as both year levels rejoiced in entering into either their first year or final year at Siena.

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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