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From the Principal

In this midterm period, we are reminded of all that is happening within our community. Teaching staff continue to establish strong learning environments in the classroom, and we are mindful also of the great opportunities for learning and growth in the broader life of the College.

This fortnight: International Women’s Day (acknowledged on Tuesday in Wellness with Siena alumna, Liz Bevan (Class of 1986) and celebrated on Wednesday with a lunchtime concert), many lunchtime clubs including Coding and Maker Mondays Club, Fire Carrier Secondary School Forum (images below), Swim and Dive Carnival next week and more, all as we continue our season of Lent. It calls for balance and eyes to see the many good gifts of our community.

Fr Chris Gleeson SJ writes:

"All of us are jugglers and balancers in life. Like all balancers, we sometimes fall, but we should remember that, where we stumble, there we find our opportunity. With our feet firmly planted on the ground and our eyes on the stars, all of us are striving to balance – values and freedom, rights and responsibilities, mind and heart, involvement and detachment, the body and spirit, giving and receiving, male and female, formality and intimacy, the conservative and the innovative. Where any of these elements are allowed to get out of balance, we lose perspective."

And so, a Leunig prayer for balance and integration this week:

"Dear God, we pray for balance and exchange. Balance us like trees. As the roots of a tree shall equal its branches, so must the inner life be equal to the outer life. And as the leaves shall nourish the roots, so shall the roots give nourishment to the leaves. Without equality and exchange of nourishment, there can be no growth and no love. Amen."

Elizabeth Hanney

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