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Learning and Teaching

The year started off with a bang and we already find ourselves halfway through Term 1! Having celebrated Fiesta and our special VCE Acknowledgement Assembly, we now look forward to completing the first wave of NAPLAN, as well as meeting students and families virtually to talk about their learning before Horizons Week and Easter.


This week, Year 7 and Year 9 parents will receive further communication via Siena Central regarding NAPLAN arrangements. Online NAPLAN Testing will occur on the following days:

15 March

16 March

20 March

1 and 2

Year 9
Writing Test

Year 7
Reading Test

Year 7
COL Test

3 and 4

Year 9
Reading Test

Year 9
Numeracy Test

5 and 6

Year 7
Writing Test

Year 9
COL Test

Year 7
Numeracy Test

Learning Conference Bookings

Student Learning Conferences will be held online via MS Teams. Students will be asked to reflect and share on their learning for each subject and identify learning goals and areas for improvement for the remainder of the semester. We kindly request that students attend the interviews.

To complete bookings, please log onto Siena Central Parent Zone and click on the Learning Conference Tile.

Learning Conversations are held over two dates:

  • Monday, 20 March: 4.00pm
    VCE student bookings open
  • Tuesday, 21 March: 4.00pm
    Years 7 to 10 student bookings open
  • Tuesday, 28 March
    Bookings close at 9.00am
  • Wednesday, 29 March: 4.00pm to 7.30pm
    Student Learning Conferences take place on MS Teams
  • Thursday, 30 March: 4.00pm to 7.30pm
    Student Learning Conferences take place on MS Teams
  • Friday, 31 March
    Non Teaching Day (in accordance with the new Award for teaching staff)

Teachers will ‘call’ the student on their device at the scheduled appointment time, via Microsoft Teams. At this time, you will be able to participate in the conversation, sitting beside the student.

Please make bookings as soon as possible as some subjects fill up quickly.

To accommodate separated families, where a parent resides in a different location to the student, we kindly request that the parent that will be with the student, makes one set of bookings and sends the booking schedule and the email address for the parent that will not be with the student but wishes to participate, to bgower@siena.vic.edu.au.

Learning Conference slots are ten minutes apart, however, the conversation time is seven minutes, to allow transition between interviews. To ensure that we run on time, we kindly request that you strictly adhere to your time allocation in consideration of other parents and teaching staff.

Interim Reports will be available on Siena Central from 4.00pm on Thursday, 16 March and can be accessed via the student’s profile under the Academics Reports tab. Please access the report prior to the scheduled Learning Conversation, to discuss any areas of concern.

Assessment Task Absence

Please note the following procedures for students absent from assessment. Year 7 to 10 students are asked to submit a 'Change of Assessment Date' form. VCE students are asked to report their absence to Head of Senior Pathways, Michael Petrie. The form can be completed when a student returns to school (first lesson) or will be accepted via email whilst students are absent.

The ‘Application for Change of Assessment Date’ form can be accessed by students and parents on the Siena Central. The student needs to include:

  • A medical certificate (VCE)
  • A written statement from parents or guardians (Years 7 to 10)

Absence from Tests, Presentations and Performances (Year 7 to 11)

Absence on the day of a test, presentation or performance must be fair to both the individual student and to all other students enrolled in the subject.

All students must meet the same performance standards and requirements of knowledge and skills required by other students. Consequently, tests, presentations and performances for which a student has been absent must be completed as soon as practicable, given the student’s length of absence. This will normally occur in the next lesson for Year 7 to 11 students.

Horizons Week

Horizons Week provides the opportunity for cohort specific connection building, collaboration and experiential learning. A carefully considered and planned program tailored to the respective year levels has been created, in support of the learning and wellbeing of students. We kindly request your support in student attendance.

Monday, 3 April to Thursday, 6 April
Year 9 city based program provides students with opportunities to experience Melbourne in a new and transformational light, as they reflect upon the social injustices that exist within the Melbourne community and learn about the organisations who are operating to address these injustices

  • Monday, 3 April and Tuesday, 4 April: City experience
  • Wednesday, 5 April and Thursday, 6 April: Combined school program with Xavier College

Tuesday, 4 April to Thursday, 6 April

  • Year 7 and Year 10 students will attend year level camps
  • Year 8 students will be involved in a variety of experiential activities including Indigenous Encounter Program, History and Careers activities
  • The focus for Year 11 students will be on careers and opportunities for the future
  • Year 12 students will be on Retreat

Parents will receive notification for the different year levels in the coming weeks.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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