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From the Principal

We have much to give thanks for as we conclude Term 1. Congratulations and thank you to every member of the community for such a smooth and positive start to 2023. Great things taking place across every aspect of our community! In a particular way, I acknowledge new students and colleagues who have brought fresh energy, new friendships and great commitment to their new place of learning. I also acknowledge the warm welcome and support extended to all members of the Siena community by existing staff, students and parents; this has been commented upon and very much appreciated by those joining us.

This week, Holy Week, marks the central week on the Christian calendar. Our Stations of the Cross liturgy reminds us, in remembering Jesus’ journey to the cross, it was the ordinary people in the crowd, often women, who ministered practical care and tender compassion, often bravely and always selflessly. This week reminds us to walk with and witness to those who suffer under the daily burden of the crosses they bear. We then see death leading to resurrection on Easter Sunday. It was the testimony of women who first announced Jesus’ resurrection: women who paid attention, were astonished and told about it, so resonant of our 2023 College Theme: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

In reflecting on the success of this term and the significance of this Easter season, I share with you a poem by Janet Morley, inviting us to 'roll back' the stones that keep us weighted and worried, that we might be Easter people of faith, hope and love.

Roll Back The Stone

When we are all despairing;
When the world is full of grief;
When we see no way ahead,
And hope has gone away.
Roll back the stone.

Although we fear change;
Although we are not ready;
Although we’d rather weep
And run away:
Roll back the stone.

Because we’re with the women:
Because we hope where hope is vain;
Because you call us from the grave
And show the way:
Roll back the stone.

Janet Morley

An Important Message Regarding Child Safety

Siena College holds the safety and wellbeing of students as paramount to all that we do. A large part of the work of the College Board and College Leadership Team is to ensure Child Safety. This includes the full implementation of Ministerial Orders regarding Child Safety standards and ongoing vigilance to ensure that a culture of Child Safety is embedded in every facet of our operation and governance. This work is well in place and is regularly reviewed. Particular areas of focus for us this year will include the ongoing growth of student voice and agency in matters of Child Safety; ongoing engagement of families in highlighting matters relating to Child Safety, and ensuring that Siena College continues to embed policies and processes to further build an inclusive community, which includes the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

As always, ongoing updates regarding Child Safety will be featured in newsletter articles by Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Strategy, Annie Rosati. This work is supported by our Child Safety Committee which comprises of senior members of staff, students and a child safety expert from our local community.

Siena College Child Safety officers are listed below:

  • Principal, Elizabeth Hanney
  • Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Strategy, Annie Rosati

Elizabeth Hanney

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