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Learning and Teaching

Student Learning Conferences

Student Learning Conferences took place last week. In response to parent feedback, we held the conferences on two different weeknights: Wednesday, 29 March and Thursday, 30 March. Friday, 31 March was a non teaching day in accordance with the new Award for teaching staff.

Parent Teacher Interviews, as they were first known, were introduced at a time when online communication and accessibility was very limited. Parents can now access ongoing feedback regarding student learning via Siena Central. We strongly encourage parents to make contact directly with teachers throughout the year if further feedback beyond the grades and comments on Siena Central is desired. We note the number of time slots available in the current teaching climate and will be considering the efficacy of Student Learning Conferences.

Horizons Week

Horizons Week provides the opportunity for cohort specific connectivity, collaboration and experiential learning. The week focused on the following year level specific activities:

Year 7


Year 8

Experiential Days

Year 9

Justice in the City

Year 10


Year 11

Careers / Future Opportunities

Year 12


Thank you to staff who have contributed to Horizons Week making sure that activities are relevant, educational and engaging for our students. Thank you to students for their engagement across the week and to our parents for ensuring that students attend these events, which are instrumental in students' development and learning.

Semester 1 Examinations and Assessment Dates

Unit 3/4 Students

Students will participate in a practice GAT in Term 2.

The VCAA GAT (General Achievement Test) is scheduled for Thursday, 15 June 2023, 9.00am to 3.00pm. The GAT is compulsory for all students studying a VCE Unit 3/4 subject.

The GAT is divided into two sections:

  • Section A assesses literacy and numeracy skills
  • Section B assesses skills in Mathematics, Science, Technology, the Arts and Humanities

Year 9, 10 and 11 Students

Year 9, 10 and 11 students commence Semester 1 Examinations on Monday, 19 June and finish on Friday, 23 June.

‘S’ Dates

The Siena ‘S’ date is the final date for unit assessment:

  • Years 7 to 8: Friday, 23 June
  • Years 9 to 11: Friday, 9 June
  • Year 12 (Unit 3): Friday, 23 June

    Term 1 Holidays

    The Term 1 holidays are a great opportunity for our students to relax and be reinvigorated. We expect that the Years 10 to 12 students will dedicate some time to complete set work, prepare for Term 2 topics and start revising for their Semester Examinations. Years 7 to 9 students will not have any set home learning over the holidays, but we do encourage them to continue with their wider reading.

    I wish our students, parents and guardians a joyful Easter.

    Donna Laughlin

    Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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