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Student Formation

Swim and Dive Carnival

"The recent Swim and Dive Carnival was by far our favourite Siena House event. And Dianella was able to achieve a win! There were high levels of participation and encouragement around the pool, including the Iron Women race; students were filling in lanes and fostering House spirit by dressing up in creative costumes such as Sanitarium's UP&GO liquid breakfast and 'Woody and Jessie' from Toy Story.

It was great to hear the Houses rallying together, cheering as loudly as they could for one another. Waratah’s immense team spirit ultimately led them to win the House Spirit Award.

Anais also won her third Michelle Timm’s Award, making her the fastest swimmer in the school. What a remarkable feat! The Siena Diving team demonstrated their extensive skills at the diving pool, leaving onlookers in awe of their impressive talents.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) also continued fundraising for Caritas’ Project Compassion by filling up water buckets, exemplifying to the student body the difficulty in collecting large volumes of water and the sheer effort it would take for people in trying circumstances to continually do so.

Finally, the novelty pool was filled with laughter as each year level came together to compete in fun challenges, such as the Year 12 wild whirlpool.

The Swim and Dive Carnival was such a great day to witness so many students across year levels participating and demonstrating unity in their Houses, cheering for one another and ultimately have a memorable day together as a Siena community."

Year 12 House Captains, Francesca and Evie

Coin Line

"On Friday, 3 March, the SRC held a coin line to continue raising funds for Project Compassion during this Lenten season. It was a great event, which saw many students from all four Houses and year levels contributing. The winning House was Kurrajong, which was the House which raised the most money and formed the longest coin line. Collectively, as a whole school, we raised a grand total of $738.15!"

Year 10 House Captains, Megan and Tia

Dianella Bake Sale

"Dianella held a bake sale on Monday, 6 March, to raise money for Caritas Australia and their Project Compassion campaign. Without the help of the Dianella students and everyone who made a purchase, we would not have been able to raise $1036.46 which is a substantial amount. Many students volunteered to help the Dianella House Captains in running of the bake sale, as well as supplying a variety of baked goods to sell. It was wonderful to be able to contribute funds to support Caritas' work in caring for vulnerable individuals and the underprivileged in society."

Year 11 House Captains, Teah and Grace

Please support Siena’s Project Compassion fundraising efforts by donating online. This can also be done through College activities in Term 2 or scanning the below QR Code in support of your House."

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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