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Year 7 Transition Program and Wellness Program

Year 7 Transition

On Tuesday, 1 February, we welcomed 108 Year 7 students to Siena College. The students participated in a carefully constructed Transition Program to assist them in preparing for their secondary school journey before our older students returned to the College the following day.

This program included various activities led by a number of staff, to ensure that our new Year 7 students feel comfortable, confident and safe in their learning environment, as well as to help them maximise their learning opportunities at Siena throughout the 2022 school year.

The Year 7 student spent their first morning getting to know their House Group Teachers, who carefully introduced them to how things work at Siena. Using a variety of activities, the students got to know one another and built connections in their House Group and Learning Groups. This year, we gifted the Year 7 cohort a specially designed Year 7 Planner to assist them in staying organised. Our IT staff helped the students set up their devices, so they were ready to access important information about classes prior to their first lessons.

In the afternoon, the girls participated in a very successful Music Showcase. They were able to meet our music staff and experiment with different musical instruments available to them at the College.

At recess and lunchtime, the girls were able to meet students from different houses and explored the school grounds.

Throughout the year, the Year 7 students will participate in the Big Sister Little Sister program, a variety of Wellness Lessons and student wellbeing initiatives, all designed to foster connection to the Siena community.

We welcome feedback on the Year 7 Transition Program. Please send any thoughts to: mjewell@siena.vic.edu.au.

Wellness Program

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant, negative impact on the mental health of young people. In a 2021 headspace survey, 74% of young people reported that their mental health has worsened since the outbreak. Notable mental health institutes and advocates have identified body image concerns, safety online and academic anxiety as three of the most reported concerns young people have regarding their mental health.

At Siena College, we are committed to giving students the tools they need to manage mental health issues as they arise. That is why this year, our Wellness Program will have a particular emphasis on these three issues throughout the school year, as reflected below:

Term 1: Spirit
Term 2: Self love
Term 3: Safety
Term 4: Strength

The Wellness Program is a preventative mental health initiative designed to teach our students to recognise when they need help, provide them with a toolkit of skills to help them self manage and give them confidence to ask for help when it is needed.

We begin this year with the theme ‘Spirit’. Reconnecting with the Siena spirit, our fellow members of classes and house groups, as well as our global Dominican community will be the focus of Wellness lessons in Term 1.

Minna Jewell

Deputy Principal Wellbeing
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