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Year 7 Transition

Year 7 Transition

At the beginning of last week, we welcomed our new Year 7 students, the Class of 2026, to Siena College. The girls began the week with two days of transition activities. These days were designed to help the students feel connected to their classmates and their teachers, as well as their new school community, before being joined by the other year levels and beginning their subjects on the Wednesday.

The first morning was spent in House Groups, with the new students having a chance to meet their House Group teacher and learn more about various aspects of school life – including their timetables and how to navigate their way around the school. The students also had an opportunity to meet their House Captains and begin learning the House chants that will be used at events such as House Swimming and House Athletics. This also gave our Student Leaders a chance to answer any questions and share their experiences as Siena students. We ended the day by reflecting on the events of the first day and learning more about the College theme: Be Possibility and how this links to our Dominican tradition.

On Tuesday, the students had another opportunity to spend time getting to know the other girls in their House Group and their House Group teacher, as well as meeting their Year 12 “Big Sisters” for morning tea. In the afternoon, the students participated in a Music Showcase and a Sport Exhibition. In these sessions the girls were able to have a taste of the Term 1 GSV sports and try out the different instruments that are on offer at Siena. It was lovely to hear the Jubilee Centre filled with music as the girls trialled the various instruments.

It has been a pleasure welcoming our new students to the College and seeing them embrace new opportunities, both within and beyond the classroom, with such enthusiasm. We wish each of our new Year 7 students a positive start to their time at Siena College and a wonderful year ahead.

Becky Scott

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