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2022 Student Leadership Day

On Monday, 31 January, the 2022 Student Leaders met online for the second part of their Leadership Forum. It was wonderful to see students return from their break and sharing ideas, considering the responsibilities of their specific leadership domains and the initiatives they can propose for the year.

In this, my first year as Head of Student Formation, I was impressed with the ease at which students contributed to discussions and the depth of their views on certain topics, such as ensuring that organisations and groups we support are placed into a context, so students understand the background and stories of the individuals that we are fostering relationships and working alongside with. This ensures that empathy, understanding and knowledge are at the heart of our actions. In this way the 2022 College theme, In Truth and Action, is at the fore of our engagement and leadership.

As we embark on another new year and changes occur in the life of the College, we extend our thanks to Claire Moody for her previous work with the student leaders. There is a strong and dynamic culture in the area of student leadership and events. The Student Leadership Forums have provided students a platform to express their leadership vision, have a ‘voice’, be heard and represent the ideas and views of their peers.

As student voice is valued by the College, the following are reflections from several student leaders:

"The Student Leadership Day started with a lovely warm welcome from Mrs Hanney and the College Captains, before jumping into discussions on what the focus of our work for our SRC team was going to look like moving forward. Initially we were focusing on some of our main objectives for Term 1 as a group, before moving into our smaller teams to discuss some of the projects and individual focuses of each team."
Amelie Nikolovski
Veritas Leader Service

"The Student Leadership Day provided the opportunity of connection and a taste of what the year will look like from a leader's perspective. Through dedicating a specific time prior to the formal start of the school year, we were able to connect and form relationships, work collaboratively, as well as allow for a sense of organisation and structure to be initiated. This day brought hope for the year ahead and all the amazing possibilities it upholds."
Evie Goodale
Year 11 Dianella House Captain

"The SRC gatherings bring the school leaders together to share and listen to new ideas. It is a safe place where every suggestion is taken into consideration which allows the team to have an informative and engaging discussion. The sessions benefit the SRC by allowing us to join as a team and not as individuals, to voice our fellow students' opinions and propose their suggestions. It allows us to gain an insight into the year ahead and to plan future events which uphold the Siena community spirit."
Melania Flunt
Year 10 Cassia House Captain

"On 31 January, we gathered as a Student Leadership Team and heard from many key members of staff including Mrs Hanney, Mrs Levett, Ms Rosati, Sr Sheila and Ms Mackintosh, as well as College Captains, Ashling and Macey. Following this, we then went into smaller meetings with key staff to plan for the year ahead."
Cilla Brownlie
Year 9 Waratah House Captain

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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