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Introducing Minna Jewell, Director of Students

We are delighted to introduce Minna Jewell in a newly created role, Director of Students. Minna is incredibly well regarded by staff, parents and students. She began at Siena College as a graduate teacher in 2013, after completing her final placement as a student teacher at the College in 2011.

Minna has worked as Cassia House Assistant, Transition Coordinator, Leader of Wellbeing Programs and now, Director of Students.

Minna states that she is particularly passionate about developing the capacity of staff to embed preventative mental health strategies in their teaching, as a direct response to the ongoing prevalence of mental health issues that adolescents face. This is what led her to develop her capstone for her Master of Student Wellbeing: "Evaluating the impact of teachers’ awareness of wellbeing strategies on learning design for effective group work" in 2020.

Minna says, "I am passionate about advocating for a diverse wellbeing program within our College curriculum; one that is fluid in its nature so that it may respond to the needs of the students as they arise."

This role supports the Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Strategy, Heads of House, staff, and all students. Minna’s role sees her manage the Transition Program for Year 7 students and the new students to our College. Minna manages the Wellness Program and will work in supporting several individual students. Minna is well suited to the role as she believes that academic and wellbeing outcomes for students are intrinsically linked. She says, "I look forward to leading exciting change at Siena in the space of our students’ academic buoyancy; assisting our students in navigating how they deal with academic setbacks and navigating academic challenge."

Antonella Rosati

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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