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Student Wellbeing

Over the last week, all students from Year 7 and Year 8 participated in a year level connection session.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning and lockdowns have limited the access young people have to major sources of social support. Addressing the worry of social disconnection is a priority for our Wellbeing program this year.

Year 7 students gathered on Thursday, 17 February, to participate in a range of activities that were tailored to support their transition into secondary school. Students were introduced to our three College counsellors and the Counselling Hub, spent time interacting with students from different learning groups and enjoyed participating in activities that built resilience, team work and connection.

On Wednesday, 23 February, we were able to facilitate a year level session with all Year 8 students. This session discussed the fluidity of friendships, explored how we can grow when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone and reminded all students about the importance of showing kindness to others.

All Year 7 students are welcome to join the Year 7 Kind Mind Club. The club, led by Director of Students, Minna Jewell and the College Counsellors, will meet twice in Term 1. Topics of discussion will include mindfulness, friendships and tips for staying organised as when workloads get heavier. Please encourage your daughter to join us during lunchtime in J103. We hope to run this group throughout the year to continue to support the Year 7 cohort.

Year 7 Kind Mind Club

Minna Jewell

Deputy Principal Wellbeing
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