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Learning and Teaching

Learning Conversations for Year 7 to 12 Students and Parents

A reminder that Learning Conversations will take place via MS Teams at the end of Term 1. Please note the following important dates around the Conversations:

  • Wednesday, 23 March
    Bookings open for VCE Conversations at 9.00am
  • Thursday, 24 March
    Bookings open for Year 7 to 10 Students at 9.00am
  • Thursday, 31 March
    Learning Conversations take place from 4.00pm to 7.30pm
  • Friday, 1 April (student free day)
    Learning Conversations take place from 8.45am to 3.45pm

Parents are encouraged to contact the subject teacher with specific concerns throughout the term. The Learning Conversations provide an opportunity to briefly share student learning progress. We always endeavour to provide the maximum number of after hours sessions, whilst also taking our teaching staff into consideration. Please make your bookings as soon as you can, as sessions for certain subjects can become fully booked quite quickly.

Parents will be notified when bookings are open and guidelines will be provided as to how to navigate Learning Conversations on MS Teams in Week 8.

Assessment Task Absence

Student absence from assessment due to COVID-19 positive / household contact isolation

The procedures for students absent from assessment due to COVID-19 positive / household contact isolation are the same as for an absent student.

Students are asked to submit an Application for Change of Assessment Date Form (Years 7 to 10). VCE students are asked to contact Head of Senior Pathways, Anita Galli, to inform of absence. The form can be completed when a student returns to school (first lesson) or will be accepted via email whilst students are absent.

The Application for Change of Assessment Date Form can be accessed by students and parents on the Siena Central Student and Parent Zones. The student needs to include:

  • A medical certificate (for illness or injury) or
  • A written statement from parents or guardians, supporting the situation
  • A SMS screenshot of the COVID-19 positive / household contact official notification

Absence from Tests, Presentations and Performances (Years 7 to 11)

Absence on the day of a test, presentation or performance must be fair to both the individual student and to all other students enrolled in the subject.

All students must meet consistent performance standards and requirements of knowledge and skills. Consequently, tests, presentations and performances for which a student has been absent must be completed as soon as practicable, given the student’s length of absence. At Years 7 to 11, this will normally occur in the next lesson. Year 11 students may access the Year 12 Rescheduled SAC Session (Thursday night after school).

Horizons Week (previously known as Activities Week)

Horizons Week provides the opportunity for cohort specific connection building, collaboration and experiential learning. Each year level has a specific, carefully considered and planned program in support of the learning and wellbeing of students. We kindly request your support in student attendance.

Monday, 4 April to Friday, 8 April
The Siena in the City program will keep our Year 9 students busy on an adventure of discovery and learning in Melbourne’s CBD

  • Monday, 4 April: Onsite planning
  • Tuesday, 5 April to Friday, 8 April: City experience

Wednesday, 6 April to Friday, 8 April

  • Year 7 and Year 10 students will attend Lord Somers Camp
  • Year 8 students will be involved in a variety of experiential activities, including Indigenous Encounter program, as well as History and Geography experiential activities
  • The focus for Year 11 students will be on Careers and Opportunities for the Future
  • Year 12 students will be on retreat at Pallotti College, Millgrove

Parents will receive notification for the different year levels in the coming weeks.

VCE Acknowledgment Assembly

A number of College events have been postponed to later in the year, when we hope to be able to host ‘external’ visitors without restriction. The Academic Acknowledgement Assembly will now take place in Term 2. Award recipients have been notified of this change via email, and we will keep students, past students and their parents updated when dates and times are confirmed. As we continue to make adjustments to the timing of College events, we thank you for your ongoing understanding.


This week, Year 7 and Year 9 parents will receive further communication regarding NAPLAN arrangements via News Digest on Siena Central. Online NAPLAN Testing will occur on Wednesday, 11 May, Thursday, 12 May and Monday, 16 May.

Donna Laughlin

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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