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A Huge Fortnight for Siena Girls!

What a huge fortnight it has been for Siena girls!!!

Our Term 1 weekly GSV sports have been rolling on, with excellent indoor cricket, softball and tennis matches. A huge thank you to students for being so flexible this past fortnight, as we managed absentees and swapped students around into different teams, and sometimes different sports. The Siena team spirit has been incredible! Our aerobics, running, footy, as well as strength and conditioning clubs are also going well, with students showing a keen interest to participate and improve.

Our Siena girls also participated in the GSV triathlon, out at Altona beach on Sunday, 27 February. Well done to the triathlon team, it must have been a great effort to get out early and compete on a Sunday morning!

A huge congratulations to the following students:

  • Kara Ilardi
  • Tia McCann
  • Sarah Stravato
  • Emmaline Charlton
  • Sienna Reidy
  • Natalia Moraitis
  • Kara Jackson
  • Alana Stravato
  • Isabella Magee
  • Helen Kyriakos
  • Stephanie Cullinan

In addition, we also had our Preliminary Swimming and Diving Carnival on Friday, 4 March. Well done to all students who participated and again, you have shown incredible Siena team spirit! A special mention to one of our divers, Edie Mitra, who was awarded first place in her division. What outstanding result! We look forward to seeing her again, along with all our swimmers and divers at the Championship GSV Carnival held next week.

Lastly, a big thank you to all of our teachers and coaches who worked tirelessly this fortnight on the Siena Sports program. You are doing an amazing job!

Julia Hay

Director of Sport
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