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International Women's Day Breakfast at Parliament House

College Captains, Macey Brick and Ashling O’Farrell and Community Engagement Leader, Charlotte Dickson attended the IWD Breakfast held at Parliament House on Friday, 4 March. Enjoy reading the student leaders' reflections on their participation in this event.

"Accompanied by Mrs Hanney and Ms Seymour, we had the privilege of attending the International Women’s Day breakfast at Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, hosted by the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia (AGSA). In the morning, we were joined by Sally Capp, the first woman to be directly elected as Lord Mayor. Sally Capp has a wealth of experience: a former solicitor, the first woman to hold the post of Agent-General for Victoria in the UK, Europe and Israel, as well as multiple senior leadership positions in Victorian businesses, board member of the Collingwood FC and Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, and more. We were hosted by Georgie Crozier MP, who shared some of her experiences as a past healthcare worker and taking on various portfolios within the shadow cabinet of the Victorian Parliament, currently being the Shadow Minister for Health."

Community Engagement Leader, Charlotte Dickson

"The breakfast was centred around the 2022 International Women’s Day theme, #BreakTheBias. We were privileged to hear from Georgie Crozier MP and the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp, two strong women in leadership. One valuable takeaway from listening to these inspiring women was the importance of speaking up about the injustices we may face and ensure our voice is heard. Sally Capp expressed the importance of clearly communicating the result you desire, in order for any change to occur – those around you can only assist you if they are aware of what is important to you."

College Captain, Macey Brick

"It was an honour not only to hear Sally Capp and Georgie Crozier speak beautifully and passionately on topics close to their hearts, but for them to clinically express that there are so many stories of inspiring women that are ignored or forgotten was invaluable. The fact that to #BreakTheBias we must look back to the wonderful women that made this modern world a reality; who initially broke the bias in their world and made it possible for us to do likewise in our society. One aspect that resonated with me was that we don’t want to go back to a so called ‘normal’ world as we are so much better for the last two years and what they have taught us about ourselves. We are so much more flexible and adaptable to change, willing to learn new skills, grateful for the small things in life and closer to our families. Overall, Sally Capp and Georgie Crozier spoke to the key topics regarding #BreakTheBias and left us with inspiring messages to put into practice in our own worlds to make the world a more just place."

College Captain, Ashling O’Farrell

Peta Mackintosh

Head of Student Formation
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