Term 1, Issue 3 - Suzy Zail | Siena College
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Year 9 English Incursion with author Suzy Zail

On Tuesday, 9 March, the Year 9s had a very special visitor come to Siena College, inspiring author Suzy Zail. Suzy spoke to Year 9 about her inspiring novels, especially her most recent book ‘I Am Change’- a heartbreaking and heartwarming story about a young Ugandan girl’s struggles with becoming a woman in her small village, and her hunger for education. Suzy also talked about her other captivating stories, such as the ‘The Tattooed Flower’ inspired from her own father’s experiences and survival as an Auschwitz prisoner during the Holocaust. It was fascinating to hear that writing that book brought both Suzy and her father closer. A handful of Year 9 students, myself included, were allowed the opportunity through English Enrichment to interview Suzy for a podcast linked to our 2021 College theme ‘Be Possibility’. Suzy was an engaging and honest speaker as she explained and recounted the thorough research that went into every one of her novels, and the moving stories behind them. Suzy’s gift of being able to take the most dire tragedies and use them as a force for change was motivating for us all.

We would like to thank Mrs Ilott for working with us and allowing us to have such an enriching experience.

Olivia Connolly, Year 9

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