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Year 7 Chess Incursion

Year 7 Chess Incursion

Earlier this term, all Year 7 students participated in a Chess incursion, conducted by ‘Dark Horse Chess’. Students were introduced to the game of chess and enjoyed the activities presented on each day.

A few student reflections are below

I really enjoyed the chess incursion. I learnt a lot about castling and learnt a few smart moves I never knew. I had lots of fun playing with my partner who was just as competitive as I was. One of the tutors taught us how to play different games with the chess pieces. I enjoyed it so much my friends and I all joined the chess club. Overall, I had a great time.
Eloise Louey

The Year 7 Chess Incursion was a really good experience especially if you don’t know much about chess. I have never played chess before and I loved learning about the different ways you can move.
Mikhela Alfonso

In the Chess Incursion I learnt lots of tactics and I now have more knowledge of the game. I never really liked chess and I thought it was a bit boring but now after the incursion I have seen a new side of chess. It is a fun game to play against your friends and it doesn’t matter how much skill you have.
Katie Hersom

As a follow on from this introductory activity, students may join Chess Club which is available for beginners and experienced players. Chess Club is held every Tuesday lunchtime in the Hall with coaching provided by ‘Dark Horse Chess’.

Anne Rice

Head of Learning Diversity
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