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From the Principal

Looking back, looking forward

Next week we enter the most sacred week in our Catholic tradition, Holy Week. As we journey through this time we reflect on the centrality of God’s love in the sufferings and joys of life. We are mindful that Holy Week falls in the final week of Term 1, when we too journey into Easter. At this time we are very aware of the many blessings of this term where staff and students have experienced the fullness of our learning and faith community in its many expressions. So too, we look forward. As Easter people, we are attuned to hope and to life.

In this newsletter you will see themes of looking back and looking forward. Next week will see students heading out on camps, retreats and city experiences. Students in Years 10 and 11 will engage in a future focussed exploration of careers and pathways, including opportunities to explore tertiary settings and engage in enjoyable activities, also in the city of Melbourne. We wish each year level all the very best and I extend thanks and appreciation to staff for the many hours of preparation which have gone into each of these significant learning experiences for students.

An Easter Blessing

A number of years ago, ABC journalist Caroline Jones wrote the following words about the significance of Easter:

At this time, millions of Christians will enter into the 2000 year history of Jesus Christ, man of love, nailed to the cross, dead, buried and amazingly risen to life. The cross is placed as a template of meaning on the many small ‘deaths’, the crises and disappointments of human life, it offers a way out of despair to hope. Of every bewilderment, the Christan can ask, not the defeating ‘why’, but instead the hopeful: ‘Where in this pain is the seed of life?’

We wish all families a blessed Easter of peace and joy.

Elizabeth Hanney

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