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Victorian Science Talent Search

Are you interested in showcasing your scientific talent and competing with other high school students across Victoria? Look no further than the Victorian Science Talent Search! This years theme is Innovations: Powering Future Industries.

The Victorian Science Talent Search is a competition that challenges high school students to conduct independent research in STEM fields and present findings to a panel of judges. This prestigious competition is sponsored by the Science Teachers' Association of Victoria and offers a chance to win substantial bursaries.

Participating in the Victorian Science Talent Search offers many benefits. It allows students to explore interests in science, develop research skills, gain experience in presenting and communicating findings to others. It also gives students the opportunity to meet other like minded students, and be recognised for diligence and dedication. Competition categories include: experimental research, creative writing, inventions, working models, posters, games, computer programs, photography and video productions.

Participating in the Victorian Science Talent Search is an excellent way to showcase scientific talents while gaining valuable experience and skills which would be beneficial for one's academic and professional career. Science enthusiasts who are looking for an exciting challenge can consider participating in the Victorian Science Talent Search.

To submit an entry, please email Head of Science, Nick Harvey: nharvey@siena.vic.edu.au. Get in early, the deadline for school entries is Sunday, 28 May!

Nicholas Harvey

Head of Science
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