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Languages at Siena

The Languages Department has organised a Language Photography competition for Year 7 and 8 students. Students will select their favourite word in the language that they are studying and create a poster to represent it. The competition closing date is Thursday, 15 June and the winner (one per language) will receive a prize.

Year 9 French by Dean Fleischer

In Semester 1, students have been learning to speak in French about their own little world, in areas such as their family lives, weekly activities, daily routines and how they help around the house. Students were asked to record themselves talking about the activities that they do during their free time. Year 9 student, Milly J, produced an outstanding recording exceeding our expectations. Please listen to the recording. Well done to Milly for speaking so fluently – the accuracy of intonation and the ability to say the [r] sound so perfectly are remarkable.

Michela Barisonzi

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